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Dressing for school reflects a positive image of our uniqueness and lends dignity to our most important task at school, teaching and learning. It also allows us to recognize the demands of society regarding professional dress and makes a distinction between work and recreational activities. Modesty is always expected.

The responsibility of dressing within the Newman dress code is that of the parents and the students. The dress code is in effect from the first bell until school is dismissed.

1. Girls and boys are required to wear either a navy blue, white or gray long or short-sleeved uniform shirt with the Newman emblem purchased from Lands' End.  
2. Boys can wear a long sleeve striped oxford dress shirt with Newman logo purchased from Lands’ End.
3. If a t-shirt is worn under the uniform shirt, no image or wording may show through the uniform shirt. The t-shirt must be white, gray or blue.
4. No undergarments should be visible.
5. All shirts must be tucked in, and remain tucked in, to the pants, shorts, capris or skirts.

1. Only navy blue or khaki pants may be worn. Corduroy pants are permitted.
2. If pants are designed for a belt, a belt must be worn.
3. Pants must come to the top of the shoes and may not drag on the ground.
4. Pants may not be worn below the hips.
5. Sweats, jeggings, leggings, joggers and yoga pants are not permitted.

1. Shorts or capris must be navy blue or khaki.
2. Shorts must be long enough to accommodate modesty. The hem shall be no more than 3 inches above the top of the kneecap.
3. If shorts or capris are designed for a belt, a belt must be worn.
4. Shorts or capris may not be worn below the hips.

1. Skirts must be navy blue or khaki purchased from Lands’ End.  The plaid skirts can be worn for the 2020-2021 school year if the hem is at the knee cap.
2. Skirts are to be worn at the waist to accommodate modesty.  The hem shall be at the knee cap.

1. Navy blue or gray uniform cardigan, sweatshirts or fleeces with a small Newman emblem on the upper left chest and can be purchased from Lands’ End.
2. The uniform sweatshirt with the large Newman emblem are no longer available for purchase. This uniform option is being phased out.
3. No hoodies or Newman athletic sweatshirts may be worn during the school day.
4. A uniform shirt must be worn under a sweatshirt with a collar showing.

1. Shoes must be cleanly maintained.
2. Students may not wear boots of any type, flip flops, sandals or slippers.
3. Toes and heels must be covered.
4. Shoes with eyelets must be laced to the top and tied.

1. Socks should be worn at all times to ensure good hygiene.

1. Hair must be neat and properly groomed at all times.
2. Hair for boys may be no longer than the eyebrows in the front and top of the collar in the back.
3. Hair for boys must be cut above the ears.
4. Boys may not have ponytails.
5. Both boys and girls hair must be a natural color and appropriate to the nature of education at Newman.
6. Hair styles unduly drawing attention are not allowed.

1. Boys must be clean-shaven.
2. Beards and mustaches are not allowed.
3. Sideburns may not be flared or longer than the bottom of the ear.

1. If jewelry is worn, it must be tasteful and not excessive. Jewelry should not be noisy or distracting in the classroom.
2. Boys with pierced ears are not to wear earrings while on school grounds during the school day, at any school-sponsored event or when representing the school for any occasion. No other visible body piercings will be allowed.
3. Girls may wear pierced earrings. No more than three pairs of earrings are allowed for each ear. No other visible body piercings will be allowed. 
4. Students are not allowed to wear hemp or hemp-like necklaces, chokers, choke chains, spiked collars or wallet chains.

No headgear of any type is to be worn in the building at any time.

Tattoos must be covered at all times so that they are not visible.

Students may wear Newman Spirit attire and jeans with no holes or uniform shorts/pant/skirts only.  Athletic shorts, yoga pants, sweats, hoodies, flip flops or sandals will not be allowed.  Any student not wishing to participate must be in school uniform.

1. First line of responsibility for checking for dress code violations is each faculty/staff member. Faculty/staff members are responsible for issuing detentions for dress code infractions.
2. Students will be referred to the Dean of Students only when the dress code is questionable, confusing or the student is being insubordinate when complying with the dress code.
3. If the student is referred to the Dean of Students, the student must conform to the dress code before being allowed to return to class.
4. Repeat offenders for dress code violations will receive a detention and parents will be notified.