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Andy Accardi Accardi, Andy Athletic Trainer/Driver's Ed/Science 815-625-0500 ext 153
Michelle Boesen Boesen, Michelle Cafeteria 815-625-0500 ext 122
Susan Bontjes Bontjes, Susan Math Teacher
Marcianne Bzdon, S.S.N.D. Bzdon, S.S.N.D., Marcianne Religion and RTI Resource 815/625-0500 ext 116
Lisa Cook Cook, Lisa Science Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 152
Jane Davis Davis, Jane
Cindy Everett Everett, Cindy Chemistry 2 (Dual Credit) 815-625-0500 ext 168
Denise Ewers Ewers, Denise Choir
Jane Jungerman Jungerman, Jane Religion Teacher
Debbi Kelly Kelly, Debbi Counselor 815-625-0500 ext 118
Fr. Bruce Ludeke Ludeke, Fr. Bruce Assistant Principal 815-625-1134
Paul Magnafici Magnafici, Paul English Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 150
Andrea McGinn McGinn, Andrea Front Office Secretary 815-625-0500 ext 100
Deb Murphy Murphy, Deb Business Manager 815-625-0500 ext 114
Karla Nagy Nagy, Karla English Teacher
Jennifer Oetting Oetting, Jennifer Principal 815-625-0500 ext 111
Andrew Olson Olson, Andrew Social Studies Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 155
Paula Passini Passini, Paula Guidance/Athletics Secretary 815-625-0500 ext 120
Gonzalo Reyes Reyes, Gonzalo Art Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 158
Missy Rhodes Rhodes, Missy Math Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 154
Chris Somers Somers, Chris Religion Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 141
Ryan Sotelo Sotelo, Ryan Math and Technology Teacher 815/625-0500 ext 154
Donna Spencer Spencer, Donna English Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 140
Justin Stevenson Stevenson, Justin Athletic Director
Beth Summers Summers, Beth Cafeteria Director 815-625-0500 ext 122
Beth Verdick Verdick, Beth Science Teacher 815-625-0500 ext 144
Tricia Vorhees Vorhees, Tricia Librarian, Media Center, Social Media & RTI Coordinator 815-625-0500 ext 127
James Wood Wood, James Head of Maintenance
Nellie Ybarra Ybarra, Nellie Cafeteria 815-625-0500 ext 122
Raquel Zamora Zamora, Raquel Spanish Teacher

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