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Where can I view all important upcoming dates affecting the school year?

A list of all important dates including days off and exam dates can be found by clicking below.  A comprehensive calendar including all extracurricular events/practices can be found by clicking on the school calendar link below.  Note that at the bottom of that page there is a link that will provide a printable view.

How can I put lunch money on my student's lunch card?

Students may submit lunch money (cash or check) in an enveloped marked "Lunch Money" and placing it in the box on the office back door (across from Mrs. Kelly's office).  Note that all lunch money should be turned in before 9:30 a.m. in order to be applied to the card that day. 

Also note that this box can be used for other deposits such as tuition and shirt money as long as the envelope is properly labeled.  

You can make an online payment by clicking online payment button at the bottom of the home page.


How do I call my student in as sick or needing an extended absence?

Students who will not be attending school should be called off prior to 7:45 am to Mrs.Passini's office  (815) 625-0500 Ext. 120.  Students will need to make arrangements with their teachers regarding missing work and or tests/quizzes.  

Students requiring an extended absence may obtain a Planned Absence form from Mrs. Passini.  The student is responsible for completing this form with the teachers, identifying the necessary make-up assignments.  The Parent must review and sign the form indicating approval.  The form is return to Mr. Papoccia, Dean of Students, for his signature of approval.


How will I know if school or school related events are canceled or postponed?

School and parent contact is essential.  Newman offers two options to keep parents informed of cancelations.

1. Sauk Valley txtAlerts which will notify you of schools closing for weather.  Click on the link below to register for this service.

2. PlusPortals which will enable you to get instant cancelation and updated messages from Newman.  PlusPortals

 3. Please keep the office staff updated with your most current email address.  Call Deb Kelly at (815) 625-0500 Ext. 118 for PlusPortals questions.