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How it Works:

Weekly Progressive drawing; 6 Chance for $5 with drawings at 7:30 pm every Wednesday's at Nick's Tap in Rock Falls.

- Purchase 6 chances, put your name, number and any of the remaining numbers for that week off the "Big Board". If your card is drawn we match number to playing cards on the Big Board to reveal a card showing what you can win. Drawing continue until jackpot is won and the money collected from the previous week begins a New drawing.


- If the "Mary" Queen of Hearts is Revealed winner receives; 70% of Jackpot if present at drawing or 60% if not present at drawing.                       

- if any other Queen is revealed: $100 winner.

- If a Joker is revealed: $250 winner. 

- If any other card is revealed 24 free tickets for the following weeks drawing ($20.00 value).

Where can you purchase chances to win?

Newman Central Catholic High School in the front office & all home events, Hugh Miller Insurance in Rock Falls and Bogey's Bar & Grill at Timbercreek.

Where does the money go?

The remaining money if Jackpot is won will go toward supporting Catholic Education at Newman Central Catholic High School.

Why should you purchase a ticket? 

1. You are supporting student who desire a quality Faith Filled Education

2. You can win a % percentage of a weekly jackpot for only $5.00 a week or other cash prizes and additional chances.

Congratulations to the Mary Queen of Hearts Winners listed below:

04/3/19 - Liz Foster #4 - 4 of Diamonds

04/10/19 - Corrie ackman #6 - 5 Diamonds

04/17/19 - Sheila Gabler  #18 - 7 Of Clubs