Newman Fundraising

Why We Fundraise

First and foremost, we believe in our students and our investment in their future. We believe that an education from Newman forms authentic Christian leaders for tomorrow.

Fundraising allows us to continue to assist with campus development, improving the quality of educational programs, maintain facilities, as well as providing for tuition assistance.  Ultimately, we fundraise to help keep tuition affordable. Participation by all families is required. The Newman Parent Association organizes fundraising events after approval of the school’s administration.  The proceeds are an essential part of the annual budget and allow for important school operations such as facility improvements, technology enhancements, scholarships, spiritual enrichment and academic excellence.

Fundraising Philosophy

Newman Central Catholic High School upholds a deep commitment to the education and development of young people from all social, economic, and religious backgrounds. This means that we must remain accessible to all students. Toward that end, tuition assistance is provided to over 28 percent of our families. In addition, the schools remain keenly mindful of the need to keep tuition as low as possible. The fundraisers managed by the Newman Parent Association add significant financial resources to help the school remain as accessible as possible to as many as possible.

Ways to Give

There are many opportunities to support our school. Below is the list of fundraisers that contribute to the 2016-2017 fundraising goal of $130,000:

                     FUNDRAISER                         GOAL


                      TGIF RAFFLE                       $70000.00

      Ticket Sales May - August

     Drawings: Weekly Sept. - Aug.

      NHS Presents : Oktoberfest

                      $50000.00            October 14th 2017
                 Ladies Luncheon


November 19th 2017

     Mary Queen of Hearts Raffle

                       $10000.00                      On Now!!


                       $10000.00                      Spring 2018

             School Year Goal ----------->


                      2017 - 2018

With ever-changing IRS regulations, we recommend that you review your method of giving with your accountant, attorney, or other financial advisor. This will ensure that your plan will maximize the benefit to you and assist in fulfilling your intention.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Newman Central Catholic High School. There are many ways to financially support the school. Please feel free to contact the following individuals for more information:

Jacquelyn Ackert, Newman Parent Association President