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Newman Central Catholic High School is very excited to be revisiting the Newman Strategic Plan that was started in 2007.  This booklet will take you step by step through the renovation process along with indicating the amount of monies needed to complete each phase.  Your support of these additions and renovations will build a renewed sense of pride and spirit in all who attend and visit our school. For more information, contact Tim Nelson 815/625-0500 ext 102 or  

To donate on-line, please click the Donate Now! button.  You will be directed to a secure site where, if this is your first on-line donation, you will be requested to:

  1. Register as a first time user
  2. Create an alpha-numeric student ID; for security purposes please do not use a phone number or birthdate
  3. Complete the registration form providing your personal information
  4. After completing the registration, you will then need to log in as a user
  5. Enter your payment information and then on the second page, select "Donation" as type of payment

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Tim Nelson 815/625-0500 ext 102 or