The Educational Journey you choose is very important to total deveolpment of your child as a productive member of a society.  When you "Choose Newman" your child will follow our Catholic School's Vision of "Lean, Serve, Lead, SUCCEED".

Explore what makes Newman Central Catholic High School a unique faith-based academic community and discover what it takes to "Choose Newman".

We challenge our students with a rigorous academic curriculum while focusing on developing the whole person–spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical.

Support of our students spiritually and financially while also teaching them to be supportive of others is what we beleive. Most importantly, we strive to prepare all our students for success beyond Newman as thoughtful, courageous and positive influences in the world

We offer a supportive, family environment in which students of all backgrounds can develop academically and spiritually, guided by a commitment to excellence and the principles of the Catholic Faith.

Come see what Faith, Friends and Family with Christ as our Cornerstone really means and how "Choose Newman" can benefit your college perep experience.

2018-19 Admission and Registration Information is being prepared this week.  Please check back soon.  If you have questions regarding admission to Newman, please click to contact Mrs. Howard our principal or  Mr. Nelson our admissions director.