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2018-2019 Varsity Scholastic Bowl Team

Pictured Left to Right: Seated; Patrick Powers, Shannon Weir, Dean Ellorando.  Standing; Coach Gary Frank, Micheal Frank, David Swegle, Liam McDonnell, Jaxson Schabacker, Ben Sheats, John Simpson, Isaac Blaney, Colin Hoy.

2018-2019 Fresh/Soph Scholastic Bowl Team

Pictured Left to Right: Seated;  Marisel Schalck, Adrian Ackert, Cecilia Sagel, Meghan Simpson. Standing; Joe Ogan, Antonio Gassman, Marvel Zhang,Coach Tricia Vorhees, Jack Bontjes, Anton Frank, Ty Brockman.  Not pictured, Jace Murphy.

  • Study literature by reviewing book summaries, character lists, and key events.

  • Search random topics for review.  Use the links to find connected topics.

  • Review current events by skimming through headlines and articles.

  • Study sports related topics by glancing through headlines and articles.

  • Familarize yourself with famous people throughout history by reviewing their biography.

  • Refamilarize with recurring math concepts by studying equations and problem solving strategies.

  • Familarize yourself with art periods and movements as well as important works and artists from these movements.

Summer Hours