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Newman Knitters launched in the Fall of 2019 as a way for students to learn a craft and give back to the community. The students, advised by Mrs. Verdick, create caps and blankets that are donated to hospitals and nursing homes during the winter holiday season.  The Knitters meet during Homeroom on Monday B Days.

Newman's Knitters Club

2019-2020 Roster:

  • Natalie Bauby
  • Macy Zigler
  • Monica Healy
  • Avery Meyer
  • Connor McBride
  • Owen McBride
  • Tom Powers
  • Maddy Ryan
  • Sydney Schott
  • Rina Feldman
  • Kelly Rockhold
  • Maggie Oswalt
  •  Catie Haenni
  • Adrian Ackert
  • Marisel Schalck
  • Alicia Ardis
  • Mehgan Simpson
  • Brynlee Hermeyer
  • Jack Bontjes
  • Aaron Phelps
  • Sarah Tunink
  • Caitlin Foust
  • Kiley Sanders
  • Pricilla Jackley
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