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Change in OUR community begins with YOU!  BLIND is an organization that strives to motivate students to take part in their community and school to provide positive change.
2020-21 BLIND Leaders
Jacob Ackman
Allie Foster
Claire Glaudel
Brynlee Hermeyer
Luke Jungerman
Jacob Kolb
Nate Neubauer
Brady Partington
Fernanda Reyes-Zamora
Isabella Trancoso
Lexi Allen
Zoey Bulfur
Jared Carney
Ally Clevenger
Mason Glaudel
Shannon Kelly
Grant Koerner
Shaelyn McNeill
Griffin Moran
Elliot Noble
Rhett Oetting
Thomas Powers
Annie Rude
Will Rude
Sarah Tunink
Marcus Williams
Adult Leaders
Mrs. Debbi Kelly
Mrs. Kris Noble
Ms. Morgan Edwards
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